It’s easy to take trees for granted. They don’t require much maintenance, they provide us with beautiful colors and cool shade, but are often forgotten. Trees enhance the beauty of your property, give you quaint tire swings, and can turn into amazing treehouses for kids in the summertime. While most trees don’t grow instantly, sometimes they can quickly feel out of control.

Tree Trimming Services in Louisville, KY

There are many reasons tree trimming can be a vital part of yard maintenance. According to the Department of Agriculture (USDA), trees need to pruned first for safety, next for health, and finally for aesthetics. Tree Wise uses these three reasons for tree trimming as a foundation for caring for customers.

Tree Trimming: Why It Is Important

“Trimming back dead branches or useless “shooters” lessens the potential fire danger should your tree or any structures nearby catch fire. Another safety concern is debris on the ground. Not only can this be potentially dangerous for pedestrians, but if left unattended for long periods of time, dead plant matter can mold and rot which attracts insects.

By removing any dead matter you are making room for the tree to grow new, healthy branches and leaves, and instead of using its resources to combat disease and pests, it can now develop a healthier root system.

If you groom your lawn and plants well, no matter the size or species of the tree, your yard will be appealing visually. By removing rotting leaves, dead shoots, and unhealthy branches you are able to showcase a healthy, handsome, lawn.”

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Pruning any time of the year is important, but when to prune is up for debate. Some homeowners swear by pruning only in the spring. Others prune only during dormancy in the winter. According to the Arbor Day Foundation, both can be correct.

When to Prune

“Light pruning and the removal of dead wood can be done anytime…Pruning during dormancy is the most common practice. It results in a vigorous burst of new growth in the spring and should be used if that is the desired effect. It is usually best to wait until the coldest part of winter has passed.

To direct the growth by slowing the branches you don’t want; or to slow “dwarf” the development of a tree or branch, pruning should be done soon after seasonal growth is complete. The reason for the slowing effect is that you reduce the total leaf surface, thereby reducing the amount of food manufactured and sent to the roots. Another reason to prune in the summer is for corrective purposes. Defective limbs can be seen more easily, or limbs that hang down too far under the weight of the leaves.”

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The Arbor Foundation recommends the only time to avoid pruning is the fall because of the spread of fungi that tends to increase in the fall. However, if you have a tree that is causing a potential hazard, it is important to get it trimmed regardless of the time of year.

Maintaining safety for you and your family should be the number one priority. The team at Allstate Insurance has seen what happens when trees get out of control and can cause serious damage.

How Do You Safely Trim Your Trees?

“The most important rule when cutting a tree, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, is personal safety. The best way to help ensure safety is to hire an arborist to clip back your trees. Trimming may often require a ladder and sometimes puts the trimmer in close proximity to power lines, posing a potential danger. The safest course of action is to leave tree-trimming to a professional.

However, if you do decide to trim your own trees, the USDA provides the following size guide to help you determine if it’s safe or not to cut the branches:

    • Branches smaller than 2 inches (or 5 centimeters) in diameter: Proceed.
    • Branches between 2 and 4 inches (or 5 and 10 centimeters) in diameter: Think it over.

For more information on safe tree trimming, visit the full article.

It’s important to know whether or not you are capable of handling your own tree trimming. If you have any doubt in your ability to properly assess the situation and conduct the pruning, expert with the experience and equipment necessary to complete the job in a safe and fast manner.