After a long hot summer, the breeze blows through and it’s time for apple picking, school supplies, and of course, football season.

Bright autumn leaves are a beautiful signal to the changing of seasons, but when those leaves begin to fall, you have a large chore on your hand. It is important to gather up all the fall leaves before it snows, and sometimes it can seem impossible.

Spending endless hours racking, gathering, and bagging can be a thankless chore, resulting in sore backs and burning blisters.

What is Professional Leaf Removal?

Complete leaf removal ensures that your property is kept clean, so the autumn leaves don’t take over your Louisville, KY property.

Our company utilizes professional grade equipment and tools that get the job done faster and more effective than your typical rake or broom. We also pickup all lawn clippings, sticks, and debris from the property, so you don’t have to fill up your own trash can or worry about disposal.

Rake your Louisville KY lawn to keep it healthy year round

Why Use Professional Leaf Clean Up Services?

Professional leaf removal is particularly helpful for those who don’t have time, energy, ability, or means to remove leaves on their own. Small businesses look unkempt if leaves cover the walkways. Homes become covered.

Soon, dirty, clumpy leaves are brought inside by wet feet and your home or business quickly becomes a muddy mess.

Efficiency: Using a lawn care company for leaf removal is more efficient than any rake could ever be. We have a large vacuum mower, backpack blowers, and power rakes that pickup every leaf particle on your property. We gather everything up on a tarp and haul them away as soon we are done.

Grass Care: Leaving leaves on your grass can cause serious problems to the health of your lawn. Excess leaves block sunlight and reduces evaporation, which makes it harder for the grass to breath and can cause fungus, molds, and disease to fester in your Louisville lawn. After just one or two seasons, you can ruin an entire lawn by failing to clean up leaves as they fall.

Costs: You may think it’s cheaper to just rake your leaves yourself, but it still requires time, effort, and equipment to get the job done. If you are busy, preoccupied, or unavailable in the fall, that job gets pushed to the spring, and becomes a much bigger problem as the snow begins to melt.

How your lawn looks in the fall is how it is going to look all winter long. Start out the winter on the right foot by caring for your landscape and ensuring that it is taken care of throughout the year, so you can comfortably enjoy each season.

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