If you’ve ever walked down a lawn care aisle at the local hardware store and noticed how many different type of fertilizers, weed control, and plant food is on display, you understand the complication of landscape maintenance.

Clearly, it’s more than pushing a lawn mower.

Professional lawn treatment means taking the time to understand your lawn and attend to its needs. Even the most basic landscaping still requires pruning, edging, feeding, aeration, irrigation, and weed control. Throw in a pest problem, a yellowing patch, and out-of-control poa, and you now have a problem on your hands.

Our landscape maintenance company provides all the essentials of lawn care services so you don’t have to.

Lawn Care and Maintenance Services

We do what it takes to keep your lawn looking beautiful.

Landscape Maintenance Louisville KY


Mowing is more than aesthetics; how tall or short you mow has a direct impact on the health and look of your lawn. We ensure that your lawn is mowed to perfection to keep it picturesque.


One of the most common weeds in the Louisville, KY area is poa. There are several types of poa including poa pratensis and poa trivialis. Depending on the type of weeds you are experiencing, we can treat them and prevent them from returning. Poa can spread quickly, so our regular weekly maintenance program stays on top of the problem before it gets worse.


Proper nutrition for grass, trees, shrubs, and flowers is crucial to keep your plants healthy all year long. We provide four seasons of fertilization specifically formulated for your plants.


We use top of the line mulch that provides expert health benefits to plants while providing a beautiful, clean-cut appearance.


Too much or too little water can wreak havoc on your lawn. Our sprinkler experts can easily fix common problems in your sprinkler system to ensure your lawn is getting the correct amount of water in all the right places.


Aeration is generally a twice-a-year process that allows air to penetrate the grass roots and loosen the soil so it can circulate nutrients and water. Aeration makes your grass stronger, thicker, and more resilient to disease.

Pest Control

After many years working in the industry, we can spot a pest problem from a mile away. Insect control is about eliminating the problem early. We test the soil and plants for signs of insects and take care of them before they cause any real damage.

We live and work in the same community you do, and we want it to look beautiful. If you are overwhelmed by the necessities of lawn maintenance and are ready to reclaim your weekends, contact Bloomin Gardens. We provide free consultations and custom quotes to fit your needs and your budget. Give us a call today!

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