Lawn Mowing in Louisville, KY

Whether you love it or hate it, lawn mowing is an important part of yard care. To some, mowing the lawn is a sacred ritual of getting those mow stripes perfectly even and being the envy of the neighborhood. For some homeowners, lawn mowing is a matter of pride, and brings some satisfaction from a well-manicured property.

For others, mowing the lawn is put off until the very last second, until you finally hack through it while muttering under your breath. Of course, there’s always the third option, when you leave it to the professionals (or a local teenager) who dutifully shows up once a week to mow the lawn and leave it looking pristine without you lifting a finger.

Whether you’re a lawn lover or a grass grumbler, the benefits of lawn mowing extend beyond personal preference. In a recent post by Ready To Mow, the main benefits from mowing your lawn on a regular basis are outlined.

The Importance of Regular Lawn Mowing

“In a yard, resources are absorbed by the grass and used to grow.  By slicing the growth down to a short and uniform level on a regular basis, all of the growth gets an equal distribution of resources.  Due to this fact, mowing on a regular basis will allow the lawn to remain consistent in nature, because all of the resources that are gained from the sun and water are spread out evenly throughout the yard. Consistency is important to both health and appearance, so making sure that resources are evenly distributed is very important.”

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Distribution of resources is just the beginning of regular lawn mowing benefits. All About is considered one of the experts in the industry and delivers several helpful tips to homeowners taking care of their own lawns.

5 Mowing Mantras

“Mix up your mowing pattern: This allows you to reduce wear on the grass, hit the spots you missed the time before, and reduce “double mowing”,  or going over the same spot again and again unnecessarily, which can mat the turf and limit growth. Don’t be afraid to get creative and try a checkerboard one week and circles the next. Stripes add sass to your lawn.

Mulch rather than bag your clippings: This may seem a little hippie-dippy and messy, but it really is better for your lawn. Grass contains nitrogen that your soil needs—and it’s free! If you’re cutting your grass high and often, the clippings are less noticeable anyway.

Sharpen your mower blade if you haven’t already: Seriously, this is important. A dull blade gives your grass the equivalent of road rash and makes it easy for disease to creep in and kill your luscious lawn.”

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It’s clear that mowing the lawn provides benefits to your property, but how high is too high and how short is detrimental? The great height debate continued among lawn care professionals. The Mr. Grass blog at Chippers Inc. has been in the lawn care industry for over 30 years. He clears up the misconceptions on grass height and explains how to decide how short to mow.

Mowing Is More Important Than You Think

“Think of your lawn as a little forest. The denser the tree canopy, the more shade is provided below. The same theory goes for your lawn. The higher the mowing height, the more shade below, and the cooler the soil. Cooler soil means fewer weeds will germinate and helps mitigate heat and drought stress…

A proper mowing height provides more leaf blade for the lawn to capture sunlight and manufacture its food. This fact is especially important in the shade where light levels are already diminished. Maintaining a high cut in the shade is critical in allowing your grass to capture all of the diffused sunlight possible. A high cut also promotes a deeper root system that can capture more water while withstanding drought, heat, and foot traffic to a much higher capacity.”

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There’s a lot to remember about what to do (or not do) when mowing your lawn. This can be frustrating to homeowners who are consistently finding uneven results, dry spots, or experiencing difficulty creating a well-manicured lawn. Milorganite is a company who sells a slow release nitrogen that has been popular for over 90 years. Their experts recommend a simple tip to make mowing easier.

Six Lawn Mowing Tips

“A border around a garden bed helps separate the garden and lawn, creates a clean edge, helps to prevent mulch from spilling into the lawn, and makes mowing easier and less time consuming.”

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Still, sometimes the maintenance and work involved in mowing the lawn is just one more task on the to-do list. Task Easy is all about helping you making life (and lawn care) easier.

Why You Should Leave Lawn Mowing To The Pros

“Professionals who mow lawns and do other yard maintenance for a living are typically filled with knowledge they’ve gained from years of experience and by handling a diverse group of lawns. They know everything from the best time to cut your lawn to the best type of fertilizer for your grass. Their knowledge can provide you with peace of mind in knowing you’re being taken care of by someone who knows what’s best for the health and appearance of your lawn.”

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If you are more of the “do it yourself” type, we are here to provide you with helpful tips to make the job even easier. If you prefer to have someone take care of the job for you, we can help with that as well. Give us a call today for more information.