Small Backyard in Louisville, KY

Think your yard is too small? Think again. Even the smallest spaces can be used to create a beautiful outdoor space. You can find creative ways to create a space where you can lounge, entertain, relax, or play in the backyard you already have. There is a myriad of possibilities regardless of how many square feet you have to work with.

We’ve gathered tips from some of the experts in the industry to take even the smallest spaces and create interest, space, and enjoyment.

The Ohio Valley Group is celebrating 30 years as a residential and commercial expert for outdoor spaces. They emphasize creating a focal point in your yard.

Landscaping Ideas for Smaller Yards

“Giving your small yard a focal point draws the eye and adds interest. Your focal point could be a seating area or an arbor. Other ideas include a fountain or other feature. Don’t rule out focal points such as ponds or gazebos because you don’t think you have space. You can create smaller versions of these backyard favorites that not only suit your space but create a true backyard escape. Think of a half-barrel pond or cleverly designed water feature that doesn’t take up much space but is big on impact. A small arbor or a well-placed trellis can give the feel of a mini-retreat right in your yard.”

For more ideas on focal points to make your small yard pop, check out the full article.

A focal point is a great way to give a small space an identity, which also makes it a more usable space. HouseLogic gives advice to homeowners and has clever ideas on creating more space that may not be obvious at first.

5 Small Backyard Ideas to Make Your Cramped Outdoor Space Feel Like Versailles

“Even if your square footage is relatively small, dividing your outdoor space into two areas can actually make it seem bigger. ‘Creating a space within a space makes it seem larger because it gives you a separate experience,’ says Joy Diaz, chief marketing officer at Land Care Inc.

Diaz recommends a small wood pergola, which you can purchase at home improvement stores or even build yourself without too much effort. You can also use walls to divide the space. We’re not talking about bulky concrete barriers here — try using short trellises, arbors, or vine-covered wooden fences to separate your loungers from your patio table.”

For more ideas to make your outdoor space or small yard feel less cramped, visit the full article to learn more.

While creating a separate space may seem counterintuitive, it increases the functionality of the space you have. Outside Living Concepts is a team dedicated to designing and building beautiful landscapes and hardscapes. Their recommendation incorporates the strategic use of color.

Landscaping Ideas for a Small Yard

“Color has an interesting tendency to affect human perception; it can affect your mood as well as the way you view the size of your space. Your eyes are attracted to bright, vibrant colors, so take advantage of this trait by using these bold hues in front of your landscaping. People will initially notice the colors, and the yard will seem larger as a background than when viewed head on. You should also consider the visual texture that your landscaping presents and make the most of your detailed plants.”

Adding color to your small yard is an idea most people miss out on. To learn more, be sure to read the full article.

Even if you only have a patio, you can still create a space that is beneficial. StyleWe is a lifestyle blog focused on creating beauty in any space. They give great advice for apartment dwellers or those who may only have a patio to create an outdoor oasis.

How to Style a Small Patio and Yard

“No matter what style of patio or yard you want to achieve, having plants is always a great move. Not only will they add beauty to your patio or yard, but they can also add to the relaxing and comfort factor due to the oxygen they give out. If you have a small patio and less of a lawn, you can simply put potted plants in there to give you the green effect. You can even put a small potted plant on your patio table. You can add some small chairs and a table if you plan on spending most of your tea or coffee time in your patio. You can also choose a wooden bench or table if you plan on using your yard for barbecue.”

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Whether you have sprawling acres, a small yard in the suburbs, or a single balcony window in the city, you can enjoy your outdoor space and make it uniquely yours. For more information and ideas, contact us today!